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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy
"The Core is the centre of our being, and the source of our sense of aliveness, wellbeing, connectedness and compassion" - Maura Sills, Karuna Institute.

This way of working invites us to listen to our subtler inner spaces, and voices we may have ‘managed’, shut down or ignored. In noticing the way we field our feelings, instead of feeling our feelings, we can start to let go of our favourite defence mechanisms. Instead, we can choose strategies that feel kinder, adult, and more effective in allowing our authenticity and natural life flow and power through. This can all start to happen when we emotionally put on the brakes, let go of ‘coping’, and give ourselves space to hear ourselves at depth, maybe for the first time in our lives.

We can start to change our lives from the potential of our groundedness, where we allow ourselves to emotionally relax, trust ourselves, and fully breathe out. In turning towards and trusting our inner wisdom, we can amaze ourselves by becoming more embodied, or feel fully present in our bodies, as we notice and start to take care of ourselves in ways that might feel new. While our old coping strategies were brilliant, and were what we needed to survive, we can now start to re-evaluate who we are, and replace worn out habits with strategies that help us and make sense to us.

I work with compassion, and help clients to stay with their ‘felt sense’, which invites you to stay with your deeper thoughts, feelings, sensations and memories, and allow them through. These might feel vague or nebulous at first, and it can be helpful to come into the non-cognitive space and listen to your body’s wisdom. Your felt sense may speak to you from your heart, or from your mid-line, and has a different kind of language from your ‘head’. Dropping down from the head into the felt sense can help us in mysterious ways to touch into emotional pain, distress and difficulties and welcome what is there, without becoming overwhelmed. If we can allow space for our felt sense, which might emerge as a sound, a colour, an image, or a memory, a place, a time, a narrative we hold, a feeling, a sense of what we might be avoiding or where we might be stuck …. then something can start to emerge. We can engage with our emotional process as a way of working through difficulty.

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