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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Cardiff

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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Cardiff

I work with clients who are feeling stuck in life, and are looking to make a meaningful change. I help clients who are ready to start letting go of what is obstructing them from the kind of changes they would like to see. I work in the areas of anxiety, fear-based thinking, and disassociation or numbness from emotional pain. I invite clients to turn towards their emotional pain, distress, depression or other emotional difficulty, and accept themselves with compassion and openness. In deepening into our emotional pain, there comes with it a feeling of being met or heard and the possibility to move through difficulty.

Core Process therapy is a compassionate approach that offers an open space for a client to explore themselves at depth, and see their difficulties as information to become very interested in. This helps to remove defence mechanisms and be with the most difficult of feelings, such as desperateness, shame, loneliness, vulnerability and emotional distress.

We can often live in our heads, and this way of working invites a client to notice their embodied experience, feel their feelings, emotions and distress. If we can turn towards our internal life, we can deepen into our unconscious material and integrate this into our lives. In doing this, we can feel more empowered and aligned to our inner wisdom.

Areas I work in:

- Anxiety and panic
- Living with authenticity
- Moving from reactivity to openness
- Emotional pain and distress
- Compassion
- Numbing out and disassociation
- Identity
- Gender diversity; LGBTQ+; sexuality; relationships

How a holistic approach can help us to move through difficulty

I am trained and experienced in working in the following ways:
- The felt sense: focusing on noticing our inner life and feelings
- Feeling our feelings
- How the body remembers and holds trauma and stress
- How to meet our shadow
- Split parts of our self; Inner child and inner family work
- Buddhist wisdom: self and being
- Facing our pain, suffering and distress
- Psychodynamic theory: childhood wounds
- Becoming more embodied and less reactive
- Trusting our Inner guide
- Heart intelligence
- Neuroscientific approaches to emotional wounding

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