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The Core is the centre of our being

and the source of our sense of aliveness,
wellbeing, connectedness and compassion.
- Maura Sills, Karuna Institute.

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Humanistic Counsellor and Psychospiritual Psychotherapist

I am a humanistic counsellor and psychotherapist. I am accredited with BACP as a Humanistic Existentialist counsellor, and am working towards accreditation with UKCP as a psychospiritual Mindfulness Based Core Process psychotherapist. I think these two modalities blend well together and can help a client to take ownership of their inner lives in order to enable both change and self-acceptance at the deepest of levels. I have found that real change tends to do itself when we are able to sit with curiosity, creativity and compassion for the way we hold ourselves and structure ourselves in lives.

Humanistic Existential Counselling

A humanistic existential counselling approach means that the client is in control of where the sessions go, and what the themes are to be explored. The counsellor offers a non-judgmental space, and an enquiring holding space, for the client to deepen into their inner lives. Existential themes are naturally part of depth inquiry. We are ultimately alone in our search for meaning. Fear is a natural part of our everyday life. It is down to us to take ownership of the choices that we make in our lives and feel good about it. Change will happen anyway, and death is inevitable.

Psychospiritual Psychotherapy

A psychospiritual Mindfulness based psychotherapeutic approach helps us to deepen into our rich inner lives, with intentionality, will, nurturance and mystery. It is essential for us to be resourced and ‘full’ enough in life in order to go into these inner places, so that we can allow deeper, structural change to happen. This approach leans on Eastern Buddhist wisdom as well as western psychodynamic (early childhood conditioning) processes, and can be an exciting, freeing way to see ourselves differently than the ‘old’ story of ourselves that we may carry. It can be a relief to put all of that down, and move on and know that we don’t need to be an expert in the ‘new’ story. It is an embodied way of working which means that it helps us to get in touch with our emotional body, our grounded self, in a more present and direct way through noticing and deepening into our sensations, feelings, and emotions directly. This is known as our ‘felt sense’ of ourselves, and helps us to drop down from the stories we tell about our lives and have a more direct relationship with our inner truth. It is also a relational psychotherapy, which means that the therapeutic relationship is an important part of the process. If we feel that we are in an open, spacious, kind, allowing, and evolved space, this can help us to deepen our natural connection to our innate health so that we can process what has been problematic for us, and feel more regulated or settled in our nervous system as we dive into painful memories or feelings. This particular mindfulness based approach is rooted in psychospiritual emergence, where we come into contact with our emotional body’s wisdom and deepen into a trust in ourselves that is held in our bones. We turn towards our inner wise person, and listen to that guidance.

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