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Three things cannot be long hidden

The sun, the moon and the truth
- The Buddha

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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Cardiff

Counselling and psychotherapy can help you to become more aware of your patterns, defence mechanisms and resistance. This can allow more spaciousness through, for you to be who you are.

Coming into relationship with yourself at depth, without judgment but with curiosity, can help you to stay and enquire into your feelings and notice where you might feel stuck and what you might be avoiding.

Change can come if we give ourselves room and space and allow our emotional distress and difficulty to surface, just as it is. The more we can name and be with our difficulties, the more we can move into our awareness of these difficulties. If we can make awareness our ‘home’, so that we are both in the experience and also noticing the experience, the more possibility there is for change to take place. We can increasingly start to give ourselves permission to change. We can upgrade our inner emotional life in a way that works for us in our present life stage.

Areas I work in:

- Anxiety and panic
- Living with authenticity
- Moving from reactivity to openness
- Emotional pain and distress
- Compassion
- Numbing out and disassociation
- Identity
- Gender diversity; LGBTQ+; sexuality; relationships

How a holistic approach can help us to move through difficulty

I am trained and experienced in working in the following ways:
- The felt sense: focusing on noticing our inner life and feelings
- Feeling our feelings
- How the body remembers and holds trauma and stress
- How to meet our shadow
- Split parts of our self; Inner child and inner family work
- Buddhist wisdom: self and being
- Facing our pain, suffering and distress
- Psychodynamic theory: childhood wounds
- Becoming more embodied and less reactive
- Trusting our Inner guide
- Heart intelligence
- Neuroscientific approaches to emotional wounding

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