Core Process Psychotherapy
Pontcanna, Cardiff with Gwyn Williams

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Core Process Psychotherapy in Cardiff

'You are the sky. Everything else - it's just the weather' - Pema Chödrön

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Therapy can help you to inquire into your emotional distress in a way that can enable you to move through difficulty. I work with emotional difficulty, which includes:
- Fear and anxiety
- Deep sadness and grief
- Anger and rage
- Depression
- Inability to feel, numbing out, emotional distance
- Challenges that come with life stage transitions
- Relational difficulties with self and others
- Difficulties in living authentically
- Difficulties in connecting to our inner voice
- Difficulties in ‘feeling our feelings’

I am trained as a humanistic counsellor, and I am now deepening my practice with further training as a psychotherapist using thousands of years of Buddhist mindfulness techniques, combined with current neuroscience. I find that these techniques and interventions can help us to:
- Acknowledge that there is distress in our lives, and to be curious about the distress rather than judge ourselves.
- Witness our suffering so that we are no longer wholly identified with our difficulties.
- Accept difficulty in whatever way it manifests, seeing it even as an unconventional gift or teacher.
- Stay at the edge of our emotional distress, instead of avoiding what is there, and meeting it head on by ‘feeling our feelings’ in a way that feels manageable.
- Deepen into a more connected relationship to our inner lives, our felt sense of ourselves, so that we can ‘be’ in a more authentic way.

The therapy I work with is called ‘Core Process’ which means acknowledging how our lives unfold, and help us to connect with our sense of self, to come into a less ‘fixed’ place where there is possibility for change, and to see how our ‘stories’ that we identify with can keep us ‘stuck’ in some way. Core Process asks us to ask ourselves: what gets in the way of our inherent health? What stories are we fixed upon and do not serve us any longer? Where is the health in the situation for us? This is an inquiry that helps us to stay with our emotional pain, instead of trying to by-pass our emotions.

The working alliance between us is one of the deepest respect and sensitivity to difficulty material and territory, held with compassion, empathy, non-judgement and a real curiosity and creative energy for awareness and the possibility of change. I acknowledge and celebrate your intention, your will to meet that intention, how you nurture or resource yourself as you work, and how you meet the mystery of a therapeutic journey.

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