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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sessions with you like?
Core Process psychotherapy invites you to explore and practice awareness and deepen your connection to your inner emotional life, and your authentic presence. In exploring what is happening for you, and what is arising, there is the possibility of allowing what you may have been pushing out of your awareness, to emerge from the shadows into consciousness, with the hope of integrating this is in a more conscious way, and responding to distress differently.

What can I expect from a therapeutic enquiry?
This is a contemplative practice, which includes a journey of allowing 'split' parts of our self to return to us, as we acknowledge any blocks or other defences at play. A deepening sense of inner space can create more choice in how someone responds to life, as well as a more compassionate and freer relationship to themselves and others.

How does Core Process Psychotherapy help me to change ?
I see change as central to the therapeutic journey, as someone is usually looking for some kind of change, either on the outside or on the inside, which is what brings them to therapy. This is not a 'quick fix', but I can help you to explore your relationships to yourself, others and your experience of the world. Relational awareness helps us to see what keeps us stuck in patterns that no longer work and through awareness, change becomes possible.

How important is the therapeutic relationship?
It is very important that you feel comfortable with the therapist that you are working with, and what happens in the therapy room is often a mirror to what happens in someone's relationships in life, both in the past and in the present. A therapeutic relationship offers a new way of looking at old wounds, with the potential for healing and moving through difficulty.

How often do you work, how long does therapy with you last, and what are your fees?
I work on a weekly basis, at the same time each week for an hour's session. For some people, the therapeutic journey is a short journey while for others it can be longer; and the length of therapy is very much dependent on your needs, and what you want to explore and achieve in therapy. Currently I charge £45 per hour.

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